Sexy Massage
Sexy massage can change the way you view your body. It allows you to experience the sensations you never knew you could. Adding the sex component to the relaxation massaging techniques can turn your experience into something truly unforgettable.
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What does Nuru massage mean? Nuru Massage Manhattan.

Nuru is a variation of the ancient erotic massage, the origins of which go back several centuries. Initially, this massage was created in Japan. It involves one or several masseurs rubbing naked bodies covered with a special gel against the bare skin of the client. The main feature of the massage is the Nuru gel, which is made out of seaweed leaves. The gel doesn’t have any taste or odor allowing you to fully relax while enjoying the sensual experience.



Is this a legal massage salon?

Nuru massage is not considered therapeutic. Accordingly, we don’t need a special license to perform it in Manhattan. All of the services we offer are 100% legitimate and comply with all the New York laws.



Can I visit your salon at any time?

We are glad to see you in our salon at any time; however, you must make an appointment. We are very keen on keeping our clients’ privacy. That’s why you need to let us know when you are planning to come. You can call us the same day to schedule an appointment. We usually need just a few hours to prepare for your visit.


How can I make an appointment?

All you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call the same day you are planning to pay us a visit.


Are the photos I see on your website real?

All the pictures you see on our website are real. Customer satisfaction is highly important to us. That’s why you can browse our models in the comfort of your own home before making an appointment. A photo and a short description allow you to make a choice so your Nuru massage experience is as satisfying as possible.


Are there showers on your salon?

Of course. We know the importance of a clean and fresh massage experience. That’s why we offer our clients to take a shower before and after the session. We provide clean towels for your convenience.


What can I expect from the massage?

Upon arrival to our salon, one of our beautiful masseuses will meet you. The girl will invite you to a private room where you can discuss the upcoming experience. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can get all the answers and make the necessary changes before you start. The session begins with a simple massage, which slowly turns into a body-to-body experience. The masseuse applies the Nuru gel to your body to make the massage as sensual as possible. Nuru massage is hot, erotic, and unforgettable. As one of the most popular Nuru massage salons in Manhattan, we are glad to offer you the most exciting and physically satisfying experience. Nuru Massage Manhattan.

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