New York Massage
New York massage is a type of intimate massage that gives an opportunity to get new, unique sensations. However New York massage is not only about pleasure.
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Body to Body Massage

Body to Body massage is one of our best-sellers. No matter what is your age, gender, social position, you will surely like it! In fact it’s like a regular therapeutic massage but the secret is that a skillful masseuse performs the massage with her naked body directly! So she slides and rubs her naked body against yours, she caresses your skin gently with her nipples, which gives the sensation of an incredible intimacy. One feels cozy, relaxed and at their ease! Everyone should have their moment of relax, where one can forget the everyday worries. With a beautiful lady performing hand work on the buttocks and abdomen triggering impulses that go to the pelvic area, one cannot but float away completely.

Body to Body massage can bring not only a lot of fun, but also an invaluable health benefit. Thanks to the procedure, the blood flow improves, the body receives oxygen, the work of all systems is stimulated, toxins leave the body and the skin becomes elastic. Body to Body massage is absolutely not to miss! With regular visits to massage sessions you will get in great mood, you will have clean thoughts and forget for a long time about fatigue. The enjoyable ambiance with pleasant music, cozy reception with gorgeous naked girls and superbly decorated rooms, each one confined and far away from the other persons’ eyes, will make you enjoy even more the amusing moments with your masseuse. Like a mysterious goddess, a fan of the body cult, our professional and talented masseuse consider your pleasure her first priority. Since our masseuses love making others happy they cannot but enjoy massage themselves. And this mutual pleasure creates so strong an energy flow that you come out of the massage room completely revitalized.

body to body massage