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Nuru Massage

Nuru massage. Get an unforgettable pleasure!

The Nuru massage is defined simply as an erotically more explicit extension of the traditional massage and it comes initially from Japan. This Asian form of massage was performed by well-trained geishas to provide wealthy Japanese with relaxation and happiness after hard work and to let them regain strength for the tasks that laid ahead. Like the Tantra massage the Nuru Massage is one of the erotic massage techniques. Due to its origins in Buddhism and Hinduism Tantra massage is very much spiritually oriented, while Nuru is less spiritual and is focused more on pleasure and fun. Its aim is to put passion and sexual energy together in order to get deep relaxation, contentment and inner balance. A naked girl glides almost weightless with her body over yours, arising an indescribably intense erotic sexual and intimate experience, which reduces stress and has a healing effect. The delicate hands of the girl are caressing gently your oiled back but do not stop there, daring to touch the most private parts. Far from everyday worries your body becomes an object carefully polished, it becomes an area for intimate caresses and frictions as she smoothly rubs her members onto yours.

The meaning of the word «Nuru» is slippery, smooth, greasy — for bodies in the Nuru massage are coated with a magic ointment. This is a pure cult of the body, not an athletically perfect body as those of erected statues, but a relaxed body, unrestrained and drugged with pleasure in the empire of senses. As is the case with many Japanese porn experiences, actions are less important than the body parts, the latter becoming a fetish. What is important in the Nuru massage is waiting, the aspect obviously too much ignored by traditional pornographic videos. Be patient to taste orgasm. Remove your clothes slowly. Enjoy the first exchange of looks. Thrill to the magic of first tender touches in the shower. Slowly, serenely. The silence is broken only by the sound of water flowing, sighs of pleasure and slides of naughty intimate parts against each other. The nuru massage suggests more than it shows and therein lies its sensory impact, the desire to feel every touch, every tremor, gradually as the pressure increases and the erection is painful. But there is no penetration here, just the therapeutic essence of love. Just the simple beauty of the breasts dripping with water, rubbing against you. There is no devouring, here you taste and you savor the sharpness of movement. The Nuru massage in NYC is kind of a cultural event: the American standard meets Asian irresistible, a girl from an oriental fantasy, who evokes dreams of yesteryear travelers, captivated by the exotic concubines, harems and their sensual pleasures.

nuru massage