Nuru Massage
The Nuru massage is defined simply as an erotically more explicit extension of the traditional massage and it comes initially from Japan.
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Thai Massage

Buddhist monks created Thai massage over 2.5 thousand years ago and we are still reaping the pleasurable benefits of it today. The goal of this massage is to improve flexibility, reduce muscle pain, relieve joint tension, and fill your body with energy. The massage can be done either when you are clothed or completely undressed. Some Thai therapy specialists believe that nude body-to-body massage can be more effective than a fully clothed procedure.

Our professional masseurs use their body weight to manipulate the pressure points on your body, bringing you an unbelievable relaxing sensation. You may be surprised at what the Thai masseuses can do to your body. All you have to do is relax and accept all the new feelings this massage can bring.

Thai massage starts at your feet and goes up to your neck and face. However, the secret to this massage is that manipulating just one part of your body can be sufficient to give you full relaxation and pressure relief.

During the massage, the masseur will make rhythmical movements while pressing on different points of your body with hands or fingers. It’s up to you to lie down and fully relax. It’s up to the masseur to move your body around to take the right position during different stages of the massage.

Thai massage came to the US in the early 1990’s. Since then, the techniques have been well perfected. Our masseurs have extensive experience bringing full satisfaction to a variety of clients, regardless of what they expect from the process. Since this massage requires special training, it’s often hard to find true professionals. We focus on bringing our clients top-notch experience and extraordinary sensations.

Thai therapy doesn’t just help you get rid of the annoying muscle pain and spasms, it improves your posture, calms your nerves, provides a deep relaxation, boosts energy levels, helps release emotional distress, stimulates blood circulation, improves the internal organ function, relieves headaches, and brings you a sensation of utter peace and satisfaction. We suggest you try this massage today and enjoy the results of this ancient practice in full.