Thai Massage
Buddhist monks created Thai massage over 2.5 thousand years ago and we are still reaping the pleasurable benefits of it today. The goal of this massage is to improve flexibility, reduce muscle pain, relieve joint tension, and fill your body with energy.
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Sensual Massage

Sensual Massage

What do you expect from a sensual massage? Whatever it is, this procedure will exceed your expectations. This massage doesn’t just help you fully relax, it allows all your body parts to experienced heightened sensations. Our beautiful and experienced masseurs start by setting up a highly erotic atmosphere to help you dive into the sea of physical and mental pleasures. We use the highest quality massage oil to create an outstanding slippery feeling, which takes the sensual massage to a completely new level.

If you think you’ve already explored your body, you are mistaken. Our masseurs can help you learn new and surprising things about your sensuality. The massage starts with gentle strokes of your hands and face and slowly goes down to your feet. Then the masseuse will focus on highly sensitive body parts to give you an unforgettable feeling of calmness mixed with arousal. The depth of physical pleasures, which come from such a combination, is indescribable.

Each massage session is different. One can keep you balancing on the brink of explosive sensations. Another one can guide you into the realm of never-ending satisfaction. Depending on how ready you are to enjoy the massage in full, you’ll get different results. However, all of them are bound to be sensational.

Creativity is the key to making sensual manipulations unforgettable. Our masseurs are not just professionals. They have exquisite imagination, which makes each experience different. Whether you are trying this massage for the first time or coming back for you 20thsession, be sure you’ll get a new sensation every time. Gentleness coupled with pressure and erotic art mixed with relaxation is the key to the most unforgettable sensual massage session. We set up a special relaxing atmosphere to make sure all your senses are heightened when receiving our massage. Soothing music, aroma oils, and beautiful décor are part of the process. You can be sure that you won’t leave our salon without feeling completely satisfied. We recommend trying this massage whenever you feel tired and stressed. The results are unbelievable. sensual massage